So now I’m in the dark- facedown

waiting for you to come inside-

not sure why

It’s complicated already between you and I- face to face

so facedown won’t change.

I’m secretly hoping your warm breath behind my neck will make things alright and that the scars in the front can’t be seen from the back,

I so desperately want the innocent part of you to crawl into me,

to feel a stirring of life inside,

to know I can feel alive again with the turn of your key and leave the bad boy, I’ve come to hate, facedown

like you always left me.


~Stephanie Khano


Author: lovepoetrywriting

Love chocolate, writing, music, dancing, working out, spending time with my nephews, Washington Redskins, boxing, baseball, a good book, and sunsets. đź’–

One thought on “Scars”

  1. This is very descriptive of emotional intimacy. I think of faceup as being vulnerable and facedown as hiding just like cards in poker games. Personally this resonates to me when the relationship’s foundation is just sex; I resort to facedown to not show my emotions. It’s complicated to where the sex brings us closer and brings us further apart – hoping the bad boy/complication will leave and the innocence/love will recreate the true attraction of the love to provide simplicity.
    Stirring of life figuratively with passion and literally for procreation. Loving the key reference as usually it is used in love as “key to my heart” yet the line gives a wanting for that but provides a burglary atmosphere that the narrator wants to feel alive but suggested that unwantedness has entered multiple times.


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