Silly Boys

I’m tired of being a magnet to guys that say they want to get to know me

but do absolutely nothing to try.

I’m tired of feeling like an option

like choices in a pantry that you contemplate to grab according to whatever mood your in.

to get in between these hips requires far more than just one text every month to say hi or making plans when you always end up breaking them anyway.

I know I’m worthy of more than that, at least I thought I was.

you see, my father use to tell me my body is not something that should be used like trash

until I met boys that contradicted my daddy’s statement

and yes I did say boys

not ones that are physically in there pubescent years but ones that mentally and emotionally define themselves as “men” based on the number of vaginas they friend requested on Facebook.

boys don’t understand-

I don’t want you to want me

I want you to need me

I want you to feel high around me without having to take a hit

I want you to make me feel special

I want you to smell me when I’m not around

I want you to browse through the lingerie department and picture me in every single nightie

and when you see others kissing I want you to picture~

you and I

I want you to hold me so tight that your hug speaks to me and tells me it misses me even

when I’m around

I wanna be the book that you read and not one you just keep on your nightstand or browse through when your bored

silly boys, women are worth far more than just there vaginas

my daddy taught me this

didn’t yours?


~Stephanie Khano


Author: lovepoetrywriting

Love chocolate, writing, music, dancing, working out, spending time with my nephews, Washington Redskins, boxing, baseball, a good book, and sunsets. 💖

One thought on “Silly Boys”

  1. Loving the FB reference- social media has created a bridge and a gap.

    Getting high without a hit – you 1 helluva drug


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