Poem for whenever I have time I’ll hang out with you kinda guy

I’m really not all that complicated

I’m pretty simple

I’m not a puzzle that you spend countless hours on trying to figure out

I’m actually something more like a lego

The piece is pretty obvious and if you attach yours to mine we make a perfect match.

I’m not someone that demands a lot of time

just someone that wants to see some effort

So when he told me he didn’t have time for me I immediately imagined myself cutting off the extremities below his waist!

The words, “I don’t have time” resonated in the chambers of my mind

I wondered if I opened up my legs as much as I did my heart would that make him stay?

If I let him call me whatever name I let him would he refuse to walk away?

So tell me again exactly

What am I to you?

Piece of meat

Flesh to flesh

someone that drains your urges when no one else is around

I know I’m definitely not a let’s go to the movies kinda thing

or let’s have dinner while we talk about our likes and dislikes kinda thing

I know I’m not a talk to you at night before bed kinda thing

where you use my words and voice to cuddle with instead of your sheets

I know I’m not a weekend thing because when Friday comes around your nonexistent and I find myself counting down the days, hours and minutes while checking your facebook post to see if your having fun without me.

So let me tell you what I am NOT!

I am NOT the on switch to the button between your legs

I am NOT a book you pretend to read to fill up space between your days

I am NOT a discount my worth is far more than a price tag

I am NOT an occasional call that you accidentally dial in your new ride while on your way to Vegas spittin out cheap lines

I am NOT

A hotline

A kinda

An almost

A maybe

I will NOT be your sometimes!


~Stephanie Khano


Author: lovepoetrywriting

Love chocolate, writing, music, dancing, working out, spending time with my nephews, Washington Redskins, boxing, baseball, a good book, and sunsets. 💖

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