One-Way Flight

There is a part of me that already feels your absence,

I feel it more when I experience long restless nights staring at an empty pillow laying beside me- then smelling your natural scent to keep me up throughout the day.

I hold on to the 30+ days I have left with you,

I AM scared!

Scared that there will be no return

Scared that you will find refuge in a strangers arms

Scared that you’ll forget my laughter, voice and lips

Scared that I’ll just be a memory and not a future event

Scared that you’ll sample coffee brown skin and be glad you got rid of cream

I’m scared because I know one thing will change when you leave

and that is




~Stephanie Khano                                                    


Author: lovepoetrywriting

Love chocolate, writing, music, dancing, working out, spending time with my nephews, Washington Redskins, boxing, baseball, a good book, and sunsets. 💖

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