Lies Covered In Blonde

Your monologue was all too familiar,

spitting out lines from a poem I recited,

your cries followed invisible tears and I was not impressed by your weak efforts.

The songs you sang of US followed no real actions and your moans when we made love didn’t quite sound the same,

then I realized the empty side of your bed wasn’t as empty after all!

I could smell her cotton candy fragrance,

see the stains from your wild nights,

her blonde strands of hair that were delicately laid out on your pillow over my brown

and that’s when I knew this whole time you had been lying!


~Stephanie Khano


Author: lovepoetrywriting

Love chocolate, writing, music, dancing, working out, spending time with my nephews, Washington Redskins, boxing, baseball, a good book, and sunsets. 💖

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