I have been writing for 20 years and I love reading and writing all kinds of poetry. Some of my favorite poets are Nikki Giovanni, Robert Frost, Maya Angelou and Lucille Clifton. Writing influences the way we think, it allows us to confront issues and redefine our own feelings. I mainly get creative when I am under the influence of music but I also could just be sitting in silence, a thought will appear in my head and I will find myself searching for a pen. As a Sociology major I found writing to be very therapeutic and later on I started noticing that there is a certain discipline required in being creative. I became a deeper thinker and found unique ways to write more effectively, writing allowed me to become a better learner. The ability to leave an impact on a reader through my own words alone is astounding and very humbling. Even in the face of criticism, I learn to build thick skin. Reading a heart felt poem always brings chills down my spine, kind of like listening to a soulful singer or a soft, smooth strumming of an acoustic guitar. Writing is to me…. a cool breeze on a hot summer day, a touch of a loved one, the song I sing on my long drive home, the water I drink after a 5 mile run, the warmth I feel from the afternoon sun, the kisses I receive from my nephews, chocolate I eat while listening to music, fond memories I have of my father, laughter I share with genuine friends. Simple things in life that bring me joy!

May all that you do be done in love,

Stephanie Khano