Lucky Girl

I think about his tangy lips, sweet and eloquent, as I speak to his skin

Questioning him in hopes to find all he thinks about but never says while he listens intently to all I say but never mean.

Feeling his hands, like gentle words from a love poem, comfort me while his tangy lips shield my salacious breasts searching for channels of gold.

Lucky girl you may say with burning eyes, concealing my hidden wants through my guiltless acts and playing with him like a child does a toy,

Oh, do not think I am just a pussy girl my skin is marked only for my lucky boy ❤


~Stephanie Khano


The Sweetest Gift

~By Stephanie Khano

You pull me into you when you do that thing you do,

The quivering, you make me feel so good baby moan that makes me forget my own name.

You spark the juices in my veins like a strung out junkie, the sensation that travels freely through my blood like a broken Creek,

I’m an addict what can I say,

You got me hooked,

Feels too good,

I’ll lose my mind if you take that away!images-48

Sunday Brunch


That’s how it all started

a simple word,

a simple hug,

a simple kiss….

Naked we both ended up

breathless, weightless

a moment that was bound to come.

You became my Sunday brunch

soothing me like warm tea going down my throat

I should’ve been in church asking to be baptized in holy water instead of acting like an impure woman

but the delicacy of our visit had me saved!

So until we meet again I will keep your taste nestled on the deepest parts of my tongue,

inhale your natural scent,

worship you like prayer down on my knees as you rise to greet me while I shout out your name,

it’s tattooed on my brain,

scarred for life,

Now every Sunday just isn’t the same!

~Stephanie Khano

A Woman’s Mouth

I wish never to be entangled by one’s lips again, how frivolous it may seem but as intimate as having sex. These sinful lips call through a rhythm you’re familiar with as you are captivated by ones own sensual kiss.

An unplanned escape from a crime that has just been committed, a perverted one, where only your heart will be punished for this, but your mouth speaks of innocence saying, “a kiss is just a kiss”

oh, but it isn’t!


tumblr_mjdcduwoWe1qccq83o1_500Stephanie Khano


This is the post excerpt.

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