A Woman’s Mouth

I wish never to be entangled by one’s lips again, how frivolous it may seem but as intimate as having sex. These sinful lips call through a rhythm you’re familiar with as you are captivated by ones own sensual kiss.

An unplanned escape from a crime that has just been committed, a perverted one, where only your heart will be punished for this, but your mouth speaks of innocence saying, “a kiss is just a kiss”

oh, but it isn’t!


tumblr_mjdcduwoWe1qccq83o1_500Stephanie Khano



This is the post excerpt.

Welcome writers and a BIG thank you for visiting my page! I generated this blog as a means for a creative outlet and to share my work along with welcoming any comments and/or ideas you may have.  In my blog I will post some of my work, some quotes from famous poets and anything I feel is relevant to writing. So I hope you will find comfort within these words and remember writing is the bridge between chaos and calmness.

Kind Regards, Stephanie 



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