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Welcome writers and a BIG thank you for visiting my page! I generated this blog as a means for a creative outlet and to share my work along with welcoming any comments and/or ideas you may have.  In my blogs I will post some of my work, some quotes from famous poets and anything I feel is relevant to writing. So I hope you will find comfort within these words and remember writing is the bridge between chaos and calmness.

Kind Regards, Stephanie 



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Grass Is Not Always Greener

I am part practical with a shade of anger sprinkled with irrationality, breaking things that are good with the intentions to make them better.

I am part sensible with a tint of madness sprinkled with resentment for trying to convince myself that you were…

The Better!


~Stephanie Khano

Smiling Snake

You had me wanting you all over again,

wearing cologne that you’ve never worn before to get my attention.

You purposely drew me in

gave me a five star presentation, 

their are names for people like you

but their not biblical

beyond holy

cursed from the moment you laid eyes on a female.

You were the poisonous type but you’d never know by looking at you.

Your scars were hidden

your bites disguised

as you crawled searching for your next meal.

I was what you decided to consume 

but it was too late for me to escape 

your venom already punctured my skin!

~Stephanie Khano

Lies Covered In Blonde

Your monologue was all too familiar,

spitting out lines from a poem I recited,

your cries followed invisible tears and I was not impressed by your weak efforts.

The songs you sang of US followed no real actions and your moans when we made love didn’t quite sound the same,

then I realized the empty side of your bed wasn’t as empty after all!

I could smell her cotton candy fragrance,

see the stains from your wild nights,

her blonde strands of hair that were delicately laid out on your pillow over my brown

and that’s when I knew this whole time you had been lying!


~Stephanie Khano

Liquid Memory

I got an emotional high when you reached out.

I had forgotten about your touch a long time ago

but your words now transformed a more vivid image.

I wanted to grab you through my phone and continue at the part we left off~

hands running wild,

hearts pounding,

wet bodies pressed up against our sinful acts,

immature but acting like adults.

I smiled remembering how much of my body you devoured,

crawling below to water my flower,

 wondering if my shadow follows you every time you’re in the shower.



~Stephanie Khano


I wish he could stay in me so I could baptize him with my love

but I knew I’d be playing with eternal fire and would eventually get burned.

I’m stuck in this game,

drawn in by his rules,

seduced by his gaming system.

I had a strong urge to experience victory that’s why I stuck around

but later I came to realize that no matter how good I played

he would always win!


~Stephanie Khano

Toxic Vapor

I inhaled you like my favorite greenery and exhaled my greatest disappointment.

I didn’t get high off your flavor like I thought I would

it tasted different this time around.

I can tell someone else’s lips were replacing mine,

that the smoke no longer lingered like the shape of me,

it was more like an unwanted dust cloud suffocating the space between 





~Stephanie Khano