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Welcome writers and a BIG thank you for visiting my page! I generated this blog as a means for a creative outlet and to share my work along with welcoming any comments and/or ideas you may have.  In my blog I will post some of my work, some quotes from famous poets and anything I feel is relevant to writing. So I hope you will find comfort within these words and remember writing is the bridge between chaos and calmness.

Kind Regards, Stephanie 



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Never once does a moment go by that the picture of your face doesn’t brush across mind like an artist brushing across a canvas with patience and ease stroking each corner to produce a masterpiece.

Never once does the thought of your hand touching me down my spine not bring me back to that bed in my mind where we experienced a damn near 8.0 earthquake.

I could be at the store standing in line and glance over at a piece of pie or candy bar reminding me of the…

100Grand Almond Joy feeling of your Mr. Goodbar sending my Kit Kat to Mars!

Everything reminds me of you!

From the sun rising warming up my inside in the morning to the moon creeping between my sheets you are my covers when I uncover my clothes to feel you resting at my hips and thighs

the warmth that every inch of your body brought into my bed

blankets were not necessary only love and this thing called surrender

Never once did I think I would no longer get to taste your lips, feel your breath, inhaling and exhaling every part of me

I hate that I let you in

part of me wants that don’t fuck with me, around the way kinda girl back

but the other part longs for you to come back in

My mind is fucked up thinking about you all the time!

I want to reach right into my head and pull the very part out that has your name on it

so I no longer have to stand in line at the store, or when driving, taking a shower washing my hair

thinking of you every time



~Stephanie Khano


You had me..

legs spread



inside and out

Our foreheads sweating with condemnation revealing the sins we possess.

I had you..

cupped in my innocent hands forgiving all of the backyard games you once played and never let me win.

You had me..

place my needs in the backseat along with the trash you left from the front.

There’s truth in the words I write

one page after another folded in regrets

your taste changed me into a different woman- I had a funeral for the old one and buried her right next to you

I know my place now and it’s not between your legs permanently stained like your sheets wrapped around thoughts of complexity and disappointment

I  know my worth now and it smiles back every time I think of you.


~Stephanie Khano

Bad Girl Thoughts

I want to take your hands and place them gently along my curves so you can turn sideways, backwards and all angles until you get worn out…

Oh, and you will!

I want to take the very part of you that defines you as a man and watch you stand at attention with full confidence as lust stares directly into my face.

I never used to be this bad

Now I catch myself…

eyeing my prey,

seducing my victim,

quenching my thirst,

Until my next fix.


~Stephanie Khano

Wrong Turn

There was something about your lips that didn’t quite fit right on mine,

They were not full enough, sweet enough, black enough to take me places I’ve gone before.

There was something about your touch that did not have his name written all over it, I knew by the rough edges of your fingers you were not him.

There were many moves, back bends and back rubs that made me miss him even more,

They were not slow enough, salacious enough for me to escape the memories of our time together.

There was something about your intensity, the frequency of your empty kisses, the disgraceful way you left me with nothing in return that just solidified you’d never be him!


~Stephanie Khano

Smiling Snake

You had me wanting you all over again,

wearing a scent that you’ve never worn before to get my attention.

You purposely drew me in

gave me a five star presentation.

Their are names for people like you

but their not biblical

beyond holy

cursed from the moment you laid eyes on a female.

You were the poisonous type but you’d never know by looking at you.

Your scars were hidden

your bites disguised

as you crawled searching for your next meal.

I was what you decided to consume 

but it was too late for me to escape 

your venom already punctured my skin!

~Stephanie Khano